This year, school begins on the 4th of September, and Theatre starts on the Saturday following , 9th September.

Classes will be in two semesters as of September. The first semester will run from September 9th 2023 until
January 27th 2024.
Holidays: October 21st/28th/4th, and in December 23rd/30th and January 6th.

Fees are charged differently from before : this semester will cost 160 euros per student.
It represents 14 sessions.

The second semester (2024) will run from February 3rd until June 8th.
Holidays: Saturday 24th February and March 2nd, and April 20th/27th as well as Saturday 11th May.
To keep this in line with Semester 1 (14 sessions) note that there will be theatre on the first Saturday of February and April school holidays.
Fees are the same (160 euros for semester 2).